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Oh! A wild oreo, the random lurker that's not really lurking anymore because of Tumblr. Be sure to throw a pokeball, maybe you'll catch her.

...Or maybe not.

(This is just a personal blog where I reblog some things I like, but most of the time I'll just post sketches!)

Obsessions: Rune Factory 4, FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kagerou Project, Pokemon

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YOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO driftingg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she wanted morgan and henry but i was too lazy to draw two people so this will do HAH ok



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ugh i wanted to paint something but didnt know what… so when in doubt, draw the acnl mayor…

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And also the new menus in October.

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For an auction on GO!!

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